Plastic-Free July: Week 3

Welcome to the third week of Plastic-Free July! We hope you have been enjoying our posts so far. Check out our Instagram for more content in the next couple of weeks!

This week we will be focussing on plastic-free alternatives for your personal care regime. It is easy to forget how much plastic we consume as a part of our daily routines, and so in this blog we will be looking through a few products you can switch out to make your routine more plastic-free in the future.

1. Choose to reuse your makeup rounds! Makeup rounds usually come in a plastic bag from your local pharmacy or supermarket, and are designed to be single-use. After removing your makeup for the day, the cotton pad has served its purpose, and is left to be thrown away.

  • However, this can be changed!

  • Instead, opt for a one-time purchase of reusable makeup rounds, and instead of throwing each cotton pad in the rubbish bin, throw them into your laundry bin to be washed and reused again and again!

  • Not only are you cutting out plastic packaging and single use products, you are also reducing the length of your future shopping list - you will never need to buy makeup rounds again.

  • We have a huge range of reusable makeup rounds to choose from, including a choice of bamboo, cotton, white or black. Some even come with a handy laundry bag to make washing even easier!

  • Check out our stocklist below for more information

2. Toothpaste? Try tooth-tabs!

Toothpaste is a staple product in any bathroom, however it is also one that comes with a huge amount of plastic waste. From the plastic tube to the plastic cap, regular toothpaste packaging is hugely wasteful.

  • So, for Plastic-Free July, why not try something new?

  • Tooth tablets are a new way for you to get your toothpaste without the excessive plastic waste! We have a range of brands and flavours, so check out our stock list for more information.

  • Simply pop one in your mouth, crush, and start brushing to get your new routine going!

  • These tablets are great for travelling light- just pick up however many you will be needing for your trip, and leave the rest at home!

  • If the tablet form does not appeal to you, we have more options.

  • Georganics, Truthpaste and Ben & Anna toothpaste comes in solid form in a glass jar, so try that out if you want to stick closer to your usual habits whilst still reducing your plastic usage!