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Will You Make 2022 A Vegan Year?

As most of us will know, Veganuary is almost at its end! So, let’s explore if this might be something you would want to continue AND how we can make this happen!


*** This vegan diet challenge first started in 2014 by entrepreneur Matthew Glover and animal rights campaigner Jane Land. A worldwide survey has shown that the goal – to promote veganism – has certainly been achieved; with 40% of those that took part in this challenge having the intention to continue after. ***

1. Why Go Vegan?

There are many, many reasons as to why going vegan is a beneficial endeavour, for yourself as well as the wider world. But, understanding the WHY for you is even more important!

We want to make sure that the decision to go vegan will work for you in the long term and taking time to ask this question will give you a clear reason that can support you further down the road.

Here are some of the main reasons people decide to go vegan:

1. For the environment

2. For physical health and longevity

3. For ethical reasons

4. Exploring a new lifestyle

2. How Much Time Do You Have?

One of the main reasons for those being put off by choosing to explore veganism is how time consuming and overwhelming it may appear to be in the beginning, so much so, that some people may never even want to start!

But fear not! Going vegan does not have to happen overnight, it does not need to happen all at once and nor does it need to be an overwhelming process.

Here are some ways you can approach going vegan:

1. If you are like me, then the ‘all or nothing approach’ might work for you.

By diving in and absorbing myself in something new, I find it easier to become excited and with that excitement it gives me energy to learn all I can!

2. Start by doing ‘Meatless Mondays’.

By giving yourself one day a week where you can try a vegan diet, over time and when it feels right, you can start increasing those days OR you may even find vegan meals naturally becomes a part of your day-to-day cooking.

3. Choose one food group/type at a time to cut out.

Whether it be eggs, meat, fish, cheese, milk, dairy, or honey; you by choosing one thing to focus on will make the switch to a vegan diet more gradual and less overwhelming

3. Find Ways To Make It Fun!

With the world of animal-rights and environmental activism, it can sure feel scary at the destruction the planet is currently undergoing and imminent future which might all be facing, BUT we do not need to let fear creep into every part of our lives!

Although it is important to recognise the amazing changes activism has brought, as well as to become informed and to take action ourselves… by making small changes and choosing to be a part of the conversation is enough.

By finding your own way to enjoy this journey, will enable you to want to find ways to make it sustainable. So how can we bring in the fun?!

1. Spend time with your family by involving them in trying out new recipes together.

2. Organise a ‘vegan cook-off’ with your friends where everyone brings a home-cooked vegan meal to be shared and enjoyed.

3. Explore new cuisines, as many cultures around the world have their own vegan dishes.

4. Eat out! Try the vegan options at your favourite restaurants OR find vegan restaurants in your area.

5. Try the vegan alternatives at the supermarket.

6. Bake some vegan desserts!

7. Make a game out of it. Challenge yourself and set mini goals that you can achieve throughout the week.

If you want to find out more about going vegan, there are many great blogs, recipes and documentaries to check out. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Deliciously Ella – check out her blog, YouTube channel and book for some delicious vegan recipes! She also has a podcast!

  • Avant Guard Vegan – vegan chef with many tasty recipes on his YouTube channel and website. He makes the best vegan lasagne recipe!

  • Documentaries like: Seaspiracy, Cowspiracy, Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet and Fantastic Fungi

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