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Bountiful Beans and Perfect Pulses at The Refill Pantry!

🌱5 Pulses You Should Know About AND What To Do With Them

💪🏼Little Legume Fact 💡one cup of cooked pulses gives more than half the fibre you need for the day!

ECO FACT 🍃 it's a highly water efficient source of protein: 1kg of daal requires 50 litres of water VERSUS chicken: 4,325 litres, lamb: 5,520 litres, beef: 13,000 litres

💪 Packed with protein and fibre, pulses are a must-have food item for those who don't eat meat. And for those who do, they are a great low-fat alternative to many meat-based dishes they we all know and love.

👀 You can find dried pulses at pretty much any Refill Shops or tinned in the supermarket. If they are dried, they just need to be soaked before cooking and some (like mung beans) can even be sprouted.

Here are some ideas from The Refill Pantry for what you could do with these 5 pulses...

1. Chickpeas - the key ingredient to the well known dip in many Middle Eastern cuisines... hummus! Fun fact💡Hummus is in fact Arabic for chickpeas.

2. Red Kidney Beans - the perfect bean to substitute for meat in some warming winter recipes. Check out our previous post with Alli's soya mince and kidney bean chilli! 🌶

3. Mung Beans - a perfect bean for sprouting! Beansprouts (sprouted mung beans) are a perfect addition to sprinkle onto a salad or curry. And good news... sprouting is surprisingly easy to do. 🍛

4. Butter Beans - why not try the recipe Gigantes Plaki... one of my favourite Greek dishes use this bean in a delicious tomato sauce. If you are a dill lover, I highly recommend adding this herb.

5. Black Turtle Beans - small and delicious bean to add some extra nutrients into most meals!

Why not pop in to The Refill Pantry in St Albans or Berkhamsted and ask us what other delicious recipes we are making using pulses, check our Instagram posts for recipes OR share some of your own creations with us! 💟 Katie

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