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Plastic-Free July: Week 4

Welcome to the final week of plastic-free July! Throughout the past 3 weeks we have explored swaps you can make whilst you are home, but this week we want to focus on swaps you can make for whilst out and about.

The convenience of plastic products like cling film, takeaway coffee cups or a plastic fork can be very tempting, but at The Refill Pantry we can offer you some plastic-free products that will reduce your plastic footprint, whilst still providing the same level of convenience!

1. Wrap up your food again and again

More than 1.2 billion metres of cling film is used by households in Britain every day - and most times this cling film is only used one time. This leads to a huge amount of waste - but you can become part of the solution!

  • Try one of our food wraps to keep your packed lunch fresh instead of using cling film.

  • BeeBees wraps are made using beeswax, and can be used to wrap food just like cling film - but without the plastic

  • This cling film alternative is easy to use, and easy to clean. Simply wipe down with some soapy water, leave to dry, and use again!

  • Keep Leaf food bags and sandwich wraps are designed specifically to wrap up your food, and are easy to wash and reuse.

  • All of these products come in a range of shapes, sizes and patterns. Check out our stocklist for more information!

2. Coffee on the go

Takeaway cups for coffee are one of the worst culprits for plastic waste - but also one of the easiest problems to fix!

  • At The Refill Pantry we have a range of reusable cups to suit your needs and desires

  • Circular and Co cups are made from old plastic bottles. By buying one of these cups, you can not only reduce your plastic waste in the future, but you are also helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste already out there.

  • Stojo cups provide an easy way to keep a reusable cup with you at all times. These cups collapse into a small cylindrical shape, easy to pop in a pocket or handbag. Just twist open the cap, push the cup open, and hand over to the barista to get your fresh cup of coffee!

  • So next time you want to pick up a coffee on the go, make sure to bring a reusable cup with you.

3. Plan ahead with some reusable cutlery

Avoid picking up plastic cutlery at the check-out by keeping a set in your bag at all times!

  • Whether you are bringing in a packed lunch to work, or picking up a takeaway meal, plastic cutlery is an unnecessary addition if you just plan ahead!

  • Pick up a set of bamboo or steel cutlery from The Refill Pantry to have as your new handbag staple.


Food wraps:

Keep Leaf Reusable Food Bags £6.00

Keep Leaf Sandwich Wraps £7.50

Designs available: Apples, Robots, Brown Squares, Turquoise Flowers, Flowers

Single Wrap: sardines/whalepod/wheat £9.50 Mixed Pack: tulip/wheat/sardines £14.00 Family Collection: ocean/natural £22.50

Takeaway cups:

Circular and co 8oz £10

Circular and co 12 oz (assorted colours) £11

Stojo Cup 8 oz (pink/blue/grey) £10

Stojo Cup 12oz (grey/sage/steel blue) £12

Stojo Cup Biggie 16oz with straw (mint/grey) £16


Black and Blum Steel Cutlery Set £12.00

Bamboo Cutlery Roll £10.50

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