Plastic-Free July: Week 1

Updated: Jul 6

Welcome to the first blog of Plastic-Free July. This week we will be focusing on the subject of household cleaning, and how you can make your cleaning routine plastic-free!

Cleaning the house is a task that should be quick, effective and easy; for this reason, there are so many products out there that advertise themselves based on these key qualities. However, this comes at a cost: whilst it might be easy to pick up a bottle of fairy liquid and a sponge from the supermarket, these products are damaging to the environment. At the end of its life, the empty bottle of fairy liquid might make its way into landfill, never to be used again, and the sponge might be worn down to microplastics, and will make its way into our oceans.

The upshot is that at The Refill Pantry we can offer you alternatives to these products and more, that do not have these damaging consequences. Let’s get right into it!

1. Switch up your cleaning products

Washing up dishes after a meal can be a laborious task- but it might have just gotten easier!

  • Lemon Dish Bars, found in a simple paper sleeve at The Refill Pantry, can sit right by your sink much like a bottle.

  • Simply lather up some soap using your sponge, and get along with washing your pots and pans.

  • Give a washing up bar a go for Plastic-Free July, and pair with one of our Ecoliving Dish Brushes for a fully plastic-free cleaning routine!

Scrap your bottle of bleach and pick up some Lemon Toilet Bombs!

  • Simply drop one of these into the toilet bowl, let it dissolve, and then clean your toilet.

  • Quick and easy, these can be kept right by your toilet, and will make your toilet fresh and clean in a matter of seconds.

  • Toilet bombs come packaging-free at The Refill Pantry, so just bring along a container of your own, and reduce your plastic footprint for the month of July!

Used to laundry pods? Try out Laundry Sheets - they work in the same way!

  • Just like a laundry pod, these go in the machine with your laundry load, except without the plastic packaging and harsh chemicals.

  • These come in a compact cardboard box with 60 sheets for 60 washes: buy one of these and you are sorted for ages!