Welcome To The Refill Pantry Blog

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to the blog!

The Refill Pantry is an independent shop based in St Albans in Hertfordshire, dedicated to selling refillable organic whole foods, natural, sustainable and plastic free personal hygiene and household products. Our motto is CHOOSE TO REUSE and you are welcome to bring any container you have left over from food, drink or cleaning products to refill instead of throwing them away. 

Plastic is a very real, very big problem for the planet and time is ticking before the damage done is irreversible, so we need to act now and start making changes in our day to day lives. These changes don't have to be huge and you don't need to make all of them in one go! Simply choosing a bamboo toothbrush over the plastic option, using a reusable water bottle and switching to a reusable metal straw will make a significant difference in your contribution to the use of single use plastics. 

The founder of The Refill Pantry is Celina Mendoza. An idea sparked in her mind after reading about a zero waste shop in Devon. Recycling just wasn't enough for her, too much waste was being thrown away from products that could be refillable. Noticing the gap in the market and how much she realised St Albans needed a organic, reusable and waste free shop, she decided to start up her own zero waste store.