BeeBee Beeswax Wraps

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

What Are BeeBee Wraps?

* BeeBee Wraps are reusable beeswax and organic cotton food wraps

* They are plastic free and compostable

* Using beeswax wraps means you can ditch the disposable plastic wrap and cut down on your plastic waste

* They are better for your food as they allow the food to breathe without building up moisture

How To Use BeeBee Wraps 

To wrap things in them, use the heat of your hands to shape the wrap around bowls or food to make a breathable seal for your foods. Never put your wraps in the microwave or dishwasher as they do not work well in heat due to the beeswax. No one wants melted wraps!

Ingredients BeeBee Wraps use only four sustainably sourced ingredients.  Organic cotton is infused with a blend of beeswax, rosin and organic jojoba oil. They are then cut to size and packed in to their plastic free sleeves. What To Wrap - Giant Wraps are great for large foods like bread, lettuce or covering mixing bowls. - Large Wraps are good to use when cover large bowls, or wrapping bigger foods such as melon, leftovers, cheese, sandwiches etc. You could even make little pouches with the large wrap to hold nuts, crisps, sweets etc! - Medium Wraps can be used for small cheeses, children's sandwiches, smaller bowls, herbs etc. Use these wraps as pouches for nuts, halves of lemons or limes or sweets. - Small Wraps can wrap over the ends of cucumbers, lemons, avocados or cover jars, sauces, milk bottles or even make a pouch to cover wine bottles! How To Reuse BeeBee Wraps Wipe or wash your wraps in cold soapy water and let them air dry. Depending on the food you use, you may not have to wash them after every use. If you have wrapped dry foods such as bread or seeds, you can just wipe down the wrap to get rid of crumbs. After using things like avocado, cheese or cooked meat, make sure you wash and scrub your wrap in cold soapy water. Foods such as onions, cheese or anything smelly can leave the wraps with a smell. To make sure other things don't become smelly, use one wrap that is dedicated to each of these types of foods. Alternatively you can place your food in a container and cover it with a wrap. Make sure to follow the proper care instructions so your wraps last up to a year or even more! How to clean your BeeBee Wraps As the wraps should be washed in cold water instead of hot, it's best not to directly wrap raw meat or fish as you can't be sure they will be 100% clean from these foods. If you want to cover these foods, place them in to a container and cover the container with a wrap, making sure the wrap isn't touching the food. How To Store Your BeeBee Wraps BeeBee wraps keep best when they are stored rolled up in a drawer or in a jar.