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A Circular Economy Future: Why we love SESI Refill’s products

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

At The Refill Pantry we aim to minimise ALL unnecessary packaging, which is why we have chosen to stock SESI's household cleaning products.

Who are SESI? SESI are an independent family Oxford-based social enterprise, championing zero waste household product refills since 2006. - They stock a range of ethical detergents and household products, from washing up liquid, fabric conditioner and rinse aid to skincare products, cooking oils and dried foods, all available as zero-waste refills. - All of their products are biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free.

- They do not contain harmful ingredients like bleach, phosphates or nonylphenol ethoxylate, so there is no harmful impact in the environment. - We’re proud to play our part in SESI’s network, where more than 100,000 containers have been refilled and about 1 million bottles a year are being reused!

We love this brand’s ethos and their commitment to a low-waste, circular economy.

Here's why:

How does the circular refill scheme work? 1. Suppliers deliver to us in reusable dispenser tubs 2. Customers bring their own containers and fill up 3. We return our empties to the supplier 4. The containers are commercially washed and filled to be sent out again!

Why SESI? Reusing bottles reduces the amount of plastic waste and saves the energy from manufacturing or recycling. So by refilling your products with SESI, you are greatly reducing your plastic footprint and contributing towards a circular economy, the sustainable and effective model of the future!

What is a Circular Economy? - A circular economy is an economic system where products and services are traded in closed loops or cycles, which involves sharing, reusing, repairing, upcycling, refilling and recycling. - In contrast to the 'take-use-dispose linear model we are used to, this model is designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment, ensuring sustainable growth over time. - Working with SESI ensures a zero packaging waste supply chain from factory to householder, as the barrels and tubs used for distribution are all returned and refilled, a simple and efficient circular system.

So bring your empty bottles to us, refill them with SESI and be a part of a new, greener economy <3

SESI refills we stock

Cleaning products

· Spiced Ginger Washing Up Liquid

· ​Laundry Liquid (non-Bio)

· Laundry Liquid (Bio)

· Laundry Liquid Delicate

· Fabric Conditioner

· All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

· Rinse Aid

· Toilet Cleaner

· White Vinegar for Cleaning

· ​Bicarbonate of Soda for cleaning

Cooking products

· Sunflower oil

· Rapeseed oil

Body and Hair Products

· Fig handwash

· Rose handwash

· Shampoo

· Conditioner

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