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4. PAY

Bring your own container or purchase a glass jar or reusable produce bag and take it to the scales to weigh it.

Choose from our huge range of products to fill your container.

Once you have filled your product, take the container back to the weighing scale and it will give you a weight and price for the product only.


This is what you pay for. This tried and tested system is used in zero waste shops around the world.

5th February 2024 all our shops are now closed

Take a virtual tour around our St Albans store


Rice, lentils, oats, pasta, cereals, nuts, seeds, chocolate, dried fruits and more


Reusable product bags, jars, metal straws, cleaning products, beauty products


Shampoo, conditioner, household cleaning products, hand soap, oils and vinegars




Google reviews - 4.9 stars

Incredible selection, really nice and friendly staff. Great system to make your purchases and affordable too. I get several of my herbs and spices and pantry staples there now!

Great place and definitely recommend. Wonderful range of quality products and lots of organic. They have managed to adapt and offer a collection service through the lockdowns (and some deliveries) so I have been fortunate to enjoy continuity of supply of many staples. Many thanks for your great service.

Fantastic idea and service! Always frustrated with how much plastic we pick up on our shop so delighted to be able to shop without waste locally without a massive increase in cost.

Many items have worked out same if not cheaper so very pleased to have Refill Pantry in St Albans.

Simple service (During Covid)- Take your containers you want filled, staff will weigh and label, they then fill container with your chosen item and weigh, finally you pa

Love this place! It’s new in St. Albans and it’s WHAT WE NEED! Its such a big deal, trying to save our planet, and even in the supermarket we don’t realize that things like pasta, oil and loads of other food & home products get wrapped in plastic that will pretty much never decompose! The store is so beautifully laid out, the staff are really helpful and friendly, I didn’t feel like we were expected to know what to do when it came to measuring and weighing our pasta etc. If you want to buy food, bring your own container!! They sell bottles and paper bags too but if you just bring your containers it means you don’t even need to refill them when you get home!
The soaps and bath products are wonderful and the washing up liquid & cleaning products are all refillable! You can even buy the spray bottles!
The two staff members who helped us today were Livi and Sashy (sorry if I spelt that wrong!) and they were amazing! It’s also great value and you get to have real conversations with people whilst doing something for the planet! I can see this becoming a big thing in St. Albans!! #saveourplanet

Had my first visit today and was really impressed with both the shop and the two shop assistants. They were incredibly helpful and very aware of safety measures for social distancing in a small shop. The Refill Pantry had pretty much everything I needed and some things I didn’t know I needed! I’ll be back for weekly refills.

My favourite shop in St Albans! Helping us through my plastic free zero waste journey- there are so many wonderful items in the store including spices, cereals, grains, oils, toiletries and household cleaning items.

I would highly recommend. Celina also has very insightful and helpful advice of the products and advice to go zero waste

Excellent range of loose products. Bring your own containers or use paper bags or containers you can buy and reuse. No more plastic!

It's so great to have a zero waste shop in St Albans! They have very good products and the staff is always very lovely.

What a wonderful place! Helpful staff, a good selection of products and just a brilliant concept. Will definitely be back.

So great to have a zero plastic/waste store so close by. I've bought a variety of grains and pasta, all really good quality and good prices too

Truly wonderful shop, they fit so many items into such a small space, great range, and if they don't have something they are always very keen on suggestions which is fantastic. They really listen to their customers and I value that. Used to have a loyalty card which has now stopped unfortunately, and have started a 5% student discount which is always something and very appreciated. Love coming here, find it so relaxing in a strange way to refill your containers, and love telling others about this shop. Lovely sense of community every time I come even from strangers. The shop really considers their behind the scenes waste, using the paper bulk bags for other purposes.

Well-designed shop full of dry goods that can be dispensed in to your home-bought jars or you can buy jars or bags* or use their free paper bags if you pop in unprepared.

*I bought their cotton drawstring bags made from recycled (clean!) fabrics and they are perfect for pasta shapes and oats.

The service is great and the owners and staff have really done their research in to sourcing items I hadn't really considered about being in plastic (deodorants, face wipes, bottle brushes...) you can see a full list on their website.

It has really opened my eyes to what I can reduce so I am super happy that it has opened in our town and I will be doing as much shopping as I can do between there and the market - who knows I might be able to get rid of one wheelie bin!

Absolutely brilliant shop - exactly what we need at this time where nearly everything comes wrapped in plastic. Super friendly & helpful staff, great range of items, and decent prices. We will be shopping there regularly to do our bit at reducing waste!

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